Tetris has finally hit the PSP as part of Sony's new PSP Minis initiative. The gameplay remains largely unchanged, with the familiar host of block shapes vying for your line deleting attention through a host of increasingly tense levels. The game does a great job of recording stats — tracking your lifetime total of lines cleared and high-scores. It even has a "Trophy" like system rewarding your overall play.

Aswell as the standard "Marathon" mode, there are some alternative levels which adapt the classic gameplay. For example, one mode requires you to clear 40 lines without passing above a certain line on the grid. These modes play much like time challenges, and add some variation to the gameplay.

In addition to the familiar gameplay, Tetris on the PSP includes some video content and a glossary of terms. As far as Tetris games go, it's quite a complete package, lacking only online leaderboards and multiplayer.

The visuals are bright and colourful, but sadly the audio remixes are horribly repetitive.


The only real area Tetris on the PSP comes into criticism is its price point. At £3.99/$9.99 it seems a bit steep. Get it down to £1.99 EA and you're on to an absolute winner.