Pinball Fantasies is an old game. Commodore Amiga old actually. But who the hell cares when it still plays aswell as this? In the 17 years that have passed since Pinball Fantasies launched originally, the quality has barely diminished. That puts Pinball Fantasies on the PSP off to a flying start.

Offering four pixel-perfect recreations of the original Pinball Fantasies tables, there's something for everyone between Party Land, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Game Show and Stones 'N Bones. Personally, we love Billion Dollar Game Show, but hey, they're all brilliant.

Controlling the flippers with the PSP's shoulder buttons is a perfectly natural way to play a pinball game, hell, dare we say more ideal than the methods of the original Amiga game. Having said that, due to the PSP's widescreen display, you lose a bit of screen when holding the PSP in its standard position. However, like most other PSP pinball titles, you can flip the screen by hitting the Select button to get a fuller view.


There's really little else to say about Pinball Fantasies. The tables are fantastic. The gameplay is top-notch. The controls are fabulous. The graphics are beautiful. The physics are wonderful. We could go on.