2674% more awesome than the already excellent Pinball Fantasies.

If you're already done fantasising over pinball, then perhaps it's time you started dreaming about it. This follow-up port of the classic Amiga pinball title, Pinball Dreams, is every inch as awesome as the 4/4 scoring Pinball Fantasies. In fact, we think the Pinball Dreams soundtrack is a smudge better so if you're going to pick one, well, our money lies with Dreams.

For £3.99 from the Playstation Store you'll get access to four classic pinball tables: Ignition, Steel Wheel, Beat Box and Nightmare. As with Fantasies, Cowboy Rodeo have done an admirable job porting the games, with the game's famed physics (which still hold up today!) present, and the sound as dirty as you'd expect from a game originally released on the Amiga.


Just like the previous game, if we were really going to complain, we'd argue the price could be a little lower. But for four great pinball tables, £3.99 ain't bad. And these are priceless if you're nostalgiac for the original games anyway.