Archaic puzzling aside though, there's certainly fun to be had here.

D-Cube Planet is a neat little polygonal-puzzler that has you shuffling the placement of bricks around a maze, so that a hapless alien (we'll call him "Jeremy") can retrieve the missing parts of his space-ship and return to his homeplanet of Lilliput.

Various bricks have different properties, so for example some bricks can be moved in all directions, some in two, three and so-on. Your job is to guide, erm, "Jeremy" to each piece of his space-ship in a certain number of moves. Obviously, things start out pretty simplistic, but ramp up rather quickly, with our hero in some pretty dire situations. Most levels are designed with a "perfect" solution (the optimum number of moves, rewarding a gold medal), and a passable solution (simply completing the level within the move allocation, rewarding a silver medal).

There are tons of levels on offer, with three levels of difficulty, so you really feel like you're getting your £2.50's worth of content in D-Cube. Despite some good visuals though, D-Cube's controls can feel a little sluggish. You select an object by approaching it with a cursor, and hitting X, then pushing in the direction you'd like to move it. Sadly, there's like a one-second delay between the input and the actual action, making the controls a bit clunky.


It's also dreadfully simple through0ut. That's not to say the game's not challenging, but it would have been nice to see some variation in the mechanics. There's still fun to be had in D-Cube Planet though, and if you're after an extremely simple puzzle game for your PSP or PS3, check it out.