The presentation and soundtrack make for an intense, futuristic experience that can be enjoyed in short, sporadic bursts.

As the name hints, Cubixx's twist on the classic Qix formula, is to have you cutting out the surface of pulsating polygonal cube. The cube pounds with the beat of a driving electro soundtrack, while your object of control, a firey fuse, scales the objects surface, avoiding various hazards.

There's no real gameplay mix-up here, like Qix, you're still cutting lines from a surface in order to score points and reduce a percentage. The percentage represents the amount of the cube's surface you must remove in order to proceed to the next stage. That percentage goes up as levels persist. Hazards try to stop you from cutting lines, which naturally result in the loss of life. The big twist is that you can earn score multipliers by cutting from various faces of the cube in one move.

As fun as Cubixx's core-gameplay is, the lack of variation can become a problem. There's no doubt the game's core play is addictive enough to warrant plenty of play-time, but it would have been nice to get some alternative modes, skins and music.


If you're looking for a good, well presented pick-up and play Mini though, Cubixx is currently one of the best. Its content may be sparse, but its core is pounding heavily like the beat of a great electro track. You'd be silly not to dance.