Hugecalf Studios' golfing/racing hybrid title, Turbo Golf Racing, is a fun time. It's a wacky arcade game that sees you using cars to launch oversized golf balls through maze-like environments, taking many cues from Rocket League.

Mechanically, Turbo Golf Racing is comfortable doing its own thing, with the golfing angle pairing wonderfully with the smooth controls. You'll be using turbo, power-ups, and the like across the game's two primary modes. The first mode — and the lesser of the two — is Race, which gives you unlimited hits on your ball as you try and get it into the hole first across three matches. You're competing directly with other players, so most consumable power-ups like missiles or shields serve their greatest purpose here. The other primary mode is Golf, which is more like traditional golfing. You get one touch on the ball per "drive" and you're trying to be as far under par as possible across five matches — or 18 holes in the offline mode.

While Golf mode makes less use of power-ups, it leaves more time to drink in the vibrant and varied environments. Each region has a distinct look, even if the actual courses themselves tend to blend together after you've run through a few. The vibrancy and pseudo-futuristic aesthetic also borrow heavily from Rocket League, as do the controls, ensuring that picking up the title is a breeze.

Hugecalf even takes its monetisation cues from Psyonix, with loot boxes, a battle pass, and all manner of cosmetics present throughout. Outside of a menu to pick your game mode, nearly all other menu options are connected to the title's economy. But we think Hugecalf knew this beforehand, as the game awards free items and goodies at a higher-than-average rate.

If you're looking for a brief distraction, Turbo Golf Racing delivers a sizeable amount of fun in an admittedly slim package.