The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is the next building block in Riot Forge's ever-expanding League of Legends universe. It's a top-down, story-driven action RPG that tells the tale of Sylas, a magic-sensitive revolutionary who seeks vengeance on the titular Mageseekers after years of being kept in chains. Keen to kickstart a violent uprising alongside his fellow mages, you take control of Sylas across a number of combat-focused chapters while steadily upgrading his abilities and adding allies to his cause.

The storytelling is decent and the cast is quite endearing — but don't go expecting anything too in-depth from The Mageseeker's narrative. Context is dished out across quick conversations between characters, while additional details can be found in scribbled notes, scattered across levels.

The main draw of the game is its Mageseeker-mashing combat, which starts off simple with basic combos and a dodge, but evolves into an intricate dance of elemental destruction. You see, Sylas can rip magical attacks from his enemies and repurpose them, striking elemental weaknesses and dealing big damage. Spells can also be permanently unlocked as you progress, letting you customise your magical loadout before each mission.

Fights are hectic affairs — especially later on — as you'll often be tasked with taking on large groups of foes in relatively small arenas. As such, nailing your dodges and effectively repositioning yourself is crucial, and that's without having to worry about using the right spells at the right time. It all gets very intense, although tougher encounters do feel like they're just throwing more and more of the same enemies at you in order to artificially inflate the challenge.

Still, tight controls make for a satisfying system, even if it can be a bit hard to see what's going on sometimes. The game's pixelated art style is impressively detailed, but all of the visual effects do have a habit of blending together during busy battles.

The Mageseeker is an enjoyable, expressive action RPG that stops just shy of outstaying its welcome.