Praey for the Gods will no doubt look instantly familiar to PlayStation veterans. Developed by No Matter Studios, the team has always been open about the game's stark similarities to Shadow of the Colossus, one of Sony's most iconic games. It largely follows the same structure, tasking you with traversing a frozen landscape to find and eliminate a number of large entities called 'Gods'. In addition, the game utilises survival mechanics, with hunger, temperature, and stamina all affecting your ability to handle the harsh conditions.

Despite the glaring fact that this is essentially Shadow of the Colossus 1.5, Praey for the Gods immediately feels like the lesser of the two. On a more positive note, the game's scale and artistic direction is impressive, especially considering the small size of the development team. The Gods themselves look superb, and display a more sinister, macabre design when compared to the more mechanical look of the Colossi.

Aside from this, the game suffers from a frustrating lack of polish. At multiple points during the journey, we got completely stuck within the environment to the point where a full reboot would be required. This is the most severe of the issues present, but otherwise the gameplay generally feels a bit sluggish, and the actual act of climbing the Gods often feels like a chore, with movement not completely syncing properly with the controller input.

The survival mechanics feel remarkably similar to Breath of the Wild, with item management and weapon degradation taking centre stage. These are reasonably well implemented, but are at odds with the otherwise minimal nature of the game. The devs would have perhaps been wise to focus more on polishing up the boss battles, as these are the true stars of the show.