Now that PowerWash Simulator is out on basically everything, we're starting to get some really interesting DLC. With Square Enix Collective publishing the game, we've seen a pair of exciting crossovers so far. The first was with Tomb Raider, in which you wash the exterior of Lara's massive mansion. Next up is this, the Midgar Special Pack, which lets you clean up various locations and objects from the world of Final Fantasy VII.

It starts you off easy with a pair of vehicles — a Shinra Hauler and Cloud's Hardy-Daytona motorbike — but it isn't long before you're taking on larger jobs. The second has you hosing down Shinra's huge Scorpion Sentinel, which fans will remember as the first major boss fight in the popular JRPG. With its arms, eye, and clawed tail animating, it's a memorable yet far more peaceful meeting with the robot.

There are three more jobs you'll tackle as part of this DLC, with the third being probably the most fan-pleasing of the lot. It's a decent bunch of relatively small missions, with plenty of intricate detail to be found — once you've cleansed the top layer of dirt, anyway.

Another nice touch is the characters providing more context while you work. As with all jobs in PowerWash Simulator, you'll receive a handful of messages as you progress, only here it'll be Shinra's Reeve Tuesti or other in-universe people. They'll talk to you about what you're cleaning, and occasionally bring up what's happening in Midgar, implying this DLC takes place during the course of Final Fantasy VII.

Ultimately, this is just more PowerWash Simulator — more stuff for players to sweep clean with its satisfying, soothing gameplay. It's not adding anything else, really, but the appeal of getting up close and personal with some of FF7's recognisable props and environments is neat in its own way. It offers up a novel new perspective on the beloved title that'll please both sides of this unique collaboration.