Odd by name, odd by nature – and even odder when you consider it’s on a next-gen console now. King Oddball baffled us a billion years ago on the PS Vita, but now this bizarre physics-based puzzler has hooked us with its over-extended tongue for a second time. We can’t believe we’re playing this on a PlayStation 5 – but it’s too late now, there are tanks to takedown.

Describing this 10tons developed title would stretch our vocabulary further than it’s willing to go, so we’ll keep things simple: you’re a giant moon with a crown and you have a big tongue that picks up rocks which you swing around and lob at military vehicles. Don’t ask us! The whole game is presented in an ethereal style, with moody colours and an obscene amount of film grain.

You play the game with one button, releasing the rocks at just the right point of the swing so you hit your targets. Taking out multiple tanks or helicopters with one stone multiplies your score, and sometimes gives you an extra throw. You need to clear the screen of enemies before you run out of rocks to complete the stage.

The layout is different on each level, but you’ll mostly be relying on luck rather than skill. Still, this has a weird moreish appeal to it, and it’s got our claws into us again. Obviously, this type of title is best suited to smartphones or handhelds, but it’s so easy to zone out with it that we can see ourselves returning to it a lot over the coming weeks. Odd, indeed.