Immortals Fenyx Rising's second DLC takes the form of an entirely separate adventure titled Myths of the Eastern Realm. Based around Chinese mythology, this expansion features a new playable hero, a new map, and a new story. However, things have barely changed on a mechanical level, making for a very familiar journey.

Main character Ku (whose sex and appearance can't be customised), wields a sword, axe, and bow, just like Fenyx. He's also capable of flight thanks to mechanical wings obtained a short ways into the DLC, and he quickly unlocks many of the same special attacks and moves that made Fenyx such a powerful fighter. If you're looking for a whole new take on the Immortals formula, this certainly isn't it.

But if you really enjoyed the base release and you just want more of the same, then you can't go wrong with Myths of the Eastern Realm. Its significantly shorter runtime (it took us around eight hours to do everything) arguably makes the expansion feel more focused than the main game, and although the plot treads a predictable path, it still strings you along quite nicely. It's a pleasant excursion overall.

Indeed, the map size feels just right for this kind of DLC. One of our key criticisms of the base game is that it's almost too big for its own good; it got to a point where we grew very tired of solving increasingly tedious puzzles. But because of its much more manageable length, Myths of the Eastern Realm avoids that issue, while still coming across as a complete adventure that's worth the asking price.

Again, Myths of the Eastern Realm doesn't tie into the core Fenyx campaign at all, but once you're done, you unlock all of Ku's equipment for use in the main game. A nice little bonus, considering how powerful some of Ku's weapons and armour sets are.