Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery comprises three of the silliest, most charming detective adventures you could hope to play. As the titular amphibian investigator, you'll receive calls from the Supervisor about a haunted island, an invisible wizard, and a bunch of missing cowboy hats. After you grab your magnifying glass, you'll set off to solve each of these mysteries, and they're all just as enjoyable.

Having said that, you should play them in order. Not only is there a story that loosely ties the three games together, they each get a little bigger and better. While the three adventures each last an hour or so, the original is particularly short and sparse, while the second and third titles introduce a handy notebook you can decorate with stickers and a rideable scooter respectively. Still, the vast majority of what you do is talk to the consistently charming cast of characters and help them so they'll help you solve the case.

Each anthropomorphic animal wants or needs something, and will reward you with something to help in your investigation — usually providing you with an item a different character is asking for. It boils down to multi-layered fetch quests, essentially, but while the gameplay is super simple, it's the dialogue that wins the day here.

Talking with each NPC is a delight thanks to a genuinely funny script. It's unabashedly daft throughout and made us laugh out loud several times with some truly ridiculous non sequiturs and tangential conversations. There's no voice acting but that almost makes it funnier, in addition to the low poly art style affording every character large eyes and unmoving grins.

Once all three games are done, you'll unlock Frog Detective Scooter, a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-like minigame, exclusive to the console version, in which you collect magnifying glasses and rack up points with air tricks and grinds. It's a neat addition, though unlikely to keep your attention for long.

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery is a short but very sweet trilogy. It's thoroughly silly, but manages to tell an earnest story as you enjoy its brilliant dialogue, great soundtrack, and endearing cast of characters. There's little replay value and the gameplay is minimal, but it'll win you over with real warmth, humour, and positivity.