With absolutely no word on this game ahead of its release, you'd be forgiven for being a bit wary of DC's Justice League: Cosmic Chaos — a sandbox action title aimed squarely at an all-ages audience. But this cutesy take on DC's superheroes is actually pretty good. It's a surprisingly heartfelt release, featuring chunky combat, charming dialogue, and a clear appreciation for DC's storied comic book history.

You play as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman throughout the whole game, and you can switch between the three heroes at any time. In battle, this lets you string together fun combos and unleash powerful special attacks, each of which are set to a short cooldown. It's basically a streamlined action RPG, but combat's got a satisfyingly punchy feel.

In between encounters with aggressive fish people — monsters summoned by the mischievous Mister Mxyzptlk — you'll spend your time traversing the colourful town of Happy Harbor. Essentially, this is a small open world setting, complete with optional dungeons, quests, and NPCs. The map's size feels just right for what is a ten-or-so hour campaign, and each hero has their own method of faster travel, be it Superman's ability to fly or Wonder Woman using her whip to swing through the streets. You can even hop in a car if you fancy it.

As you progress, you'll steadily level up your team and unlock new abilities. It's never anything too in-depth, but testing out your latest toys is always fun. What's more, you can trade collectibles for additional outfits — many of which are niche throwbacks to very specific comic books. All of these bits and pieces help keep you engaged with what is a fundamentally simple and accessible game.

Given Cosmic Chaos' broad appeal, it's a shame that you can't play through the campaign with a friend or family member. Local co-op is instead locked behind the game's freeform 'Instant Action' mode — a mode that just dumps you into the map with no objectives or guidance. It's better than nothing, but it definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

If you're looking for breezy superhero action that's especially well suited to younger players, then DC's Justice League: Cosmic Chaos is well worth checking out. Full of character and easy to pick up, there's fun to be had in Happy Harbor.