Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball Review - Screenshot 1 of 2

Building up its repertoire of table tie-ins, Zen Studios has bizarrely added comedy hit South Park to its post-release Zen Pinball 2 purchasing roster. With two tables on offer in this double pack, does the satirical NSFW show make a successful transition to the more traditional silver ball structure?

The staple Super-Sweet Pinball table is the ultimate testament to fans both old and new, capturing the programme's spirit perfectly. With vibrant colours, a remix of the property's opening song, and bonus balls plopping out of a toilet, it's just as crazy, chaotic, and crude as you may expect.

While its flamboyant nature could have hindered the actual gameplay, though, the table's well designed with this in mind. The famous four are stationed above key objectives, for example, making it obvious where to shoot, while lines of dialogue from the show are emitted when you're successful.

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Meanwhile, if you're looking for something ever so slightly less barmy, this set also includes Butters' table. With calming music and simplistic colours, this playfield has been designed for those in search of challenge, as it embraces the more average aspects of the snow-covered town.

Everything is clear and easy to see, which is handy considering the table's trickier skill shots. You'll need to be a little more aware of what's going on in this arena if you want to fulfil its shorter time limits, while the addition of a Chaos area for extra mini-game objectives spices things up further.


Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball is a perfect extra for pinball fans also obsessed with Kenny and crew, and its score chasing action is sure to keep you occupied for hours. Much of its appeal may go missing on those that aren't in love with the source material, but everyone else should give this a look.