We weren't overly impressed with Warriors Orochi 4 when it launched in 2018, but Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is definitely a cut above. Available as either a digital expansion or a re-release, Ultimate adds two new story chapters, a handful of new characters, and an endgame 'Infinity Mode'. It also brings a number of improvements to the overall experience -- things like officer promotion, the ability to switch sacred treasures, and an overhauled user interface make for a much better game, especially if you plan on sinking hours upon hours into this already robust hack and slasher.

The new story chapters offer some of the best scenarios in the game, boasting stages that are absolutely packed with enemies -- enemies who are often split between multiple opposing factions. You'll need high level characters to get stuck into the new stuff, but the sheer chaos on display is well worth it. Meanwhile, Infinity Mode lets you grind to your heart's content. At first the new mode seems a bit barren, but stick with it and farming for rare materials and rewards becomes an addiction. The aforementioned addition of officer promotion also comes into play here, as you can continue to beef up your favourite warriors even after they've hit the level cap.

Ultimate, er, ultimately transforms Warriors Orochi 4 into a much more complete package. That said, it's a shame that many of these improvements come courtesy of paid DLC -- pretty expensive DLC at that. For newcomers, Warriors Orochi 4 now gets a recommendation. For existing fans, you'll have to weigh up whether the additions are enough to pull you back in.