Roguelikes are dime a dozen on PlayStation Store, but Thy Sword appeals in spite of the genre’s ubiquity. This single-screen side-scroller sees you clearing out enemies in different locations to progress to different levels, many environments culminating in larger-than-life boss fights. There’s a casual mode which makes the difficulty more manageable, but you can enjoy a more punishing adventure if you prefer.

Combat is simplistic but entertaining, requiring you to defend with “thy sword” before thwarting your foes. Some bad guys, such as zombies, require you to use a special move to strip them of their skull, thus preventing them from resurrecting themselves. Other foes have the ability to poison you, while the aforementioned boss fights utilise distinctive patterns and can be tricky to best at first. Gold can be collected and either gambled or traded for loot, giving you some necessary buffs in battle.

It’s not a looker, with the environments largely lacking detail and the sprite work rudimentary. But the loop is addictive while the adventure lasts, and you’ll definitely want to run through the campaign a few times before losing interest entirely. Ratalaika continues to supply the PS4 and PS Vita with likeable timewasters, then, and while there are undoubtedly higher-profile roguelikes on the platforms, this is still a fun one.