If you've ever watched Hole in the Wall, the game show based on the Japanese phenomenon, you'll know roughly what to expect in Tetsumo Party. This odd little game sees up to four players surviving for as long as possible against a constant wave of panels with sumo wrester-shaped holes in them. It's your job to get your character in the correct position to pass through the gap.

Unfortunately, that's about all there is to it. The game is incredibly slight; beyond some unlockable characters, it's likely you and your pals will grow tired of the concept very quickly. There are no other modes, no tortured storyline to follow -- just position your sumo correctly until you fail. You do so with the shoulder buttons, but while it's very simple, in practice it's fiddly and not particularly intuitive. There isn't even any music to enjoy while you wrestle your character into shape. For those looking for a new party game to play with some chums, this is certainly different, but you'll be done with it faster than it takes you to buy it.