Super Destronaut: Land Wars is developed by a team named Petite Games, and anyone who understands French should take that as an indicator of what to expect. This is probably the most simplistic first-person shooter you’ll find on the PlayStation 4, as you sprint around neon environments shooting gigantic Space Invaders-inspired sprites.

In addition to a Challenge Mode which sets you a variety of time attack-esque tasks, there are also arcade options spanning several different rule sets. The primary mode sees you offing waves of foes in order to earn cash, which can then be spent on upgrades like new weapons and a faster firing rate. Purchasing these items is fairly cumbersome when you’re in the heat of battle.

And that’s more or less it. The main map is small and relatively basic, but the combat can at least be satisfying once you get the big guns. The developer does just enough to vary up the rules in modes such as Combo Breaker, where you’re tasked with keeping your multiplier alive. But this is a shallow, shallow experience overall that will only hold your attention for an hour or two at most.