The cheese was innocent! Or was it? The cheese is only the start of an absurdist adventure led by a cool wolfhound detective accompanied by a hyperactive bunny who might have a loose screw or two. A remaster of Telltale's episodic adventure which ran from 2006 to 2007, Sam & Max Save the World Remastered follows a hypnosis conspiracy that is sure to hypnotise you as well.

Collecting all five episodes, the game still oozes the same charm and humour it offered back then, albeit with noticeable graphical improvements that make this story a joy to revisit. The additional lighting and texture details highlight the game's distinctive art direction. Everything in the audio department, from voice acting to sound effects, is clearly revamped.

It brings back an amusing comedic duo in an over-the-top world that'll always have you chuckling. So much so that perhaps it'll leave you feeling it's pushing its jokes a bit too much. Consequently, it highlights some jokes that might have been funnier ten years ago. However, this gets quickly overshadowed by just how fun and bizarre this world is. In addition, it offers nice puzzles despite its simple nature, reminding us why the point-and-click genre was such a hit back in the 90s. The story is so enjoyable that it's unfortunate the game doesn't offer multiple paths or endings as an excuse to do a second playthrough and hang out with the quirky crime investigators one more time.

Point-and-click narratives are fairly rare nowadays and this remaster gets more than the job done, offering a good time for old and new fans. Better yet, it brings back an old forgotten style, reminding us that, sometimes, perhaps the most simple way to tell a story might be the best way.