Santa, Hell, vampires? In any other game, this would be such an odd combination. However, this is Sam & Max we're talking about, and Santa's exorcism is just another typical case for the dynamic duo. Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Remastered is just as enjoyable as Ozzy Osbourne's crazy train to experience. Suffice to say, oddness is in their veins.

The game offers the same visual and audio improvements as its predecessor and just like last time, it greatly delivers on both ends. The updated lighting and additional camera angles let the sequel feel fresh without losing its original appeal. Developer Skunkape's makeover even includes new soundtracks, which shine with the improved audio.

It's a remaster that retains all the original story beats and gameplay essentials. As such, expect Sam & Max's unique and plentiful humour to be present. However, this also means that jokes relevant in the mid 2000s are more or less outdated in this restoration. The humour is hit and miss, but the puzzles take things up a notch. While the puzzles from the first season were fairly enjoyable, some in this second season will have you scratching your head. The lead-up to their solutions are more illogical, and the addition to map out all the interactive objects is not enough to help you in figuring out the logic of them.

Other than the puzzle conundrum, the second season offers more of what made the series a hit. Fans of the first season will greatly enjoy this second run. While it isn't necessary to play the first one to jump on this wagon, it is highly recommended, as there are plenty of returning characters and in-game jokes and references that you might miss if you have not played the first one yet.