As far as re-releases go, Root Letter: Last Answer is one of the most dramatic of the generation. Originally released on PlayStation 4 three years ago as a manga-based visual novel, the title from Kadokawa Games is back with an all-new live action overhaul that turns what was already a decent experience into something that anyone with a keen eye for FMV can appreciate.

While the option to switch back to the original manga-based visuals can be found buried in its menus, Last Answer's main draw is quite obviously its presentational redesign. The live action capture breaths new life and personality into the game's flamboyant cast of characters - whom are all on hand to aid you in your quest to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Fumino Aya 15 years ago.

It's an engaging and compelling narrative with more twists in the tail than we could count, and it's the visual novel side of things which supports that with a set of robust features and mechanics. You'll be able to scan scenes for clues and people to talk to via a cursor, while an inventory allows you to tailor a conversation to a specific piece of evidence. Meanwhile, investigations give you the chance to get to the bottom of a certain point in a case and Max Mode varies your responses to people of interest on an increasingly ludicrous scale.

There isn't even a hint of an English voice-over, and the odd typo does lessen the quality of the script somewhat, but Visual Novel fans are sure to get a kick out of Root Letter: Last Answer. Its live action overhaul gives returning players a new way to experience the game, while newcomers are sure to be captured by its quirky cast of characters and a plot that'll keep you hooked through to its conclusion.