For a game being sold on its eclectic cast of characters, Random Heroes: Gold Edition really doesn’t do anywhere near enough with its heroes. This is a 16-bit style side-scrolling shooter where you take control of, well, pretty much anyone. There’s a cyborg, a clown, a truck driver, a man in a suit… You pretty much get the idea.

You’ll unlock new personalities as you progress through the samey looking environments, and each is augmented with different abilities, be it better damage or movement speed. Unfortunately, the characters are so similar that you’ll end up picking a favourite and sticking with it, rendering the concept largely pointless.

There are different weapons that you can purchase as you collect coins from fallen foes, and these add some much-needed variety to the samey combat. Boss fights are built upon simplistic patterns, while new enemy types occasionally give you fresh problems to solve. It’s all largely competent, but its main concept could have been taken much further.