Omno is an enchanting little game where you traverse a series of reasonably large environments, solving enjoyable puzzles along the way. You play as a kind of pilgrim — a staff-bearing being who is tasked with following the light. The light, in this case, is an energy source of sorts, scattered across the aforementioned environments. Manifested as very visible orbs, each level has you collect at least three glowing spheres in order to progress, and getting to each of them usually involves a bit of platforming, or a stint of light puzzle solving.

There's no combat and no real sense of urgency. The storytelling is voiceless and vague, but that's part of the charm. You can blast through Omno in just a few hours (a touch longer if you're going for 100 per cent on each level), but it's worth taking your time in order to better appreciate the game's relaxing atmosphere, eye-catching art style, and soothing soundtrack. Omno's just a very pleasant experience to be a part of.

Omno clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the all-time great that is Journey, and often feels very similar in terms of gameplay pacing and overall tone. Omno never quite reaches the same emotional highs as Journey, but in some ways, it does actually build upon its predecessor's groundwork, offering more opportunities for exploration and player freedom. Even if you're just mulling around an area, interacting with strange creatures and soaking up the vibes, there's a lot to like about this lovingly crafted title.