As far as visualisers go, Music Racer is a particularly eye-popping option. This synthwave auditory experience is baked in neon colours and bloom, and features vehicles inspired by 80s classics like Knight Rider and Tron. You can customise your car’s colours, unlock increasingly trippy tracks, and… Well, that’s about it.

Unfortunately, the transition to the PlayStation 4 has not been overly kind to this experience, as it lacks the custom music functionality that its Steam-based counterpart includes. The gameplay is straightforward: there’s a highway and you must switch between lanes to dodge obstacles and collect points.

And when you can choose your own favourite songs or, y’know, ASMR videos, we can imagine the experience is rather meditative. But on the PlayStation 4 where you’re forced to work through a bundled playlist of pretty generic electronic pop music, it lacks the same kind of appeal. It looks lovely and it plays fine, but without its headline feature it winds up largely uninspired.