Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 3 – or, to give it its full title and pad out our word count, Monster Energy AMA Supercross 3 FIM World Championship: The Official Video Game – proves that Milestone may just be the most prolific developer of the generation. By our count, this is its 20th title on the PlayStation 4 – and the fifth different motorcycle specific brand it’s brought to market.

Such statistics mean you can bank on a couple of things: the game’s polished, relatively pretty, and plays particularly well – but there’s also a chance you’ll have seen much of what it has to offer before. All the official tracks and riders from the American-based indoor dirt bike championships are present, and there’s of course a campaign where you work your way from zero to hero – this time as either a male or female!

To be fair, the physics are impressive, requiring you to find a rhythm as you hit the undulations in the mud. And there’s a lot to get busy with, including a reasonable if ultimately ignorable track editor. But the reality is that unless you’re already deeply engrossed in supercross as a sport, there’s very little here that’s going to give you the aftereffects of a Monster Energy-induced high.