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So far Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two hasn’t had the best of starts with Episode 1: Hero in Residencestruggling to remedy the issues experienced in the first season with a slow paced story and clunky gameplay mechanics being the most prominent problems. Unfortunately Episode 2: Giant Consequences, although slightly better in pacing, still follows closely in Episode 1’s footsteps.

The opening 20 minutes or so are slow going and are yet again set in the exact same place: your hometown. Thankfully the remaining 40 minutes, that make up another rather short 60 minute episode, are set outside of your hometown and have a much better paced plot, where you are set challenges by the Admin, an evil mastermind who has used a clock to plunge the world into eternal night, causing lots of dangerous monsters to spawn. Yet again it’s up to Jesse and his rag tag bunch of arguably forgettable heroes to save the day.

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The sheer amount of characters in this episode makes it difficult for any sort of character development to take place. There are a total of seven characters joining Jesse on his adventure to defeat the Admin and return his hometown to normality, which means whenever there is a discussion each character usually only has one or two lines of dialogue. The dialogue often becomes long-winded and unnecessary due to the amount of people, with a lot of the new characters feeling shallow and uninteresting; we’d even go as far as saying they are forgettable.  

There are several choices to make throughout this episode, most choosing between different characters to fulfil different tasks, or taking sides with one character over another in an argument. Although these choices seem like a big deal, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the progression of the plot in any way, which is a real disappointment.

The ending is probably the best part of the entire episode with a big plot twist, that although not very surprising, is that little bit extra that was missing from Episode 1. The cliff-hanger ending is equally satisfying, leaving you with an urge to find out what is going to happen to Jesse in the next episode, which was really lacking from the opening episode.


Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 2: Giant Consequences on the whole is a slight improvement on the opening episode with an intriguing plot twist and an exciting cliff-hanger ending that will entice you to jump into Episode 3. However, the plot choices still feel very lacklustre and unimportant and the characters themselves are still lacking any sort of development in personality in order to make them memorable. We’d suggest you hold off a little longer in the hope of an outstanding Episode 3 that’ll do a U-turn on the season so far.