Manifold Garden is one of those games that, in the same vein as Journey and Inside, can be considered an "experience" more than anything else. Sure, it's a first-person, 3D puzzler at heart, but defining it as that does a disservice to the game's greatest aspect -- its visuals and atmosphere. This is a real treat for the senses.

You need only look at the screenshots above to understand the beauty of William Chyr's work. The minimalist, tranquil approach of Manifold Garden is based on bold colouring and vast stretches of white space that remain fairly subdued to allow for puzzle-solving to take precedence. That, however, makes those moments where the game does choose to show off all the more impactful. Breathtaking scene transitions burst with vibrancy and wonder to create spectacular sequences that transport you to another world. When it really gets going, there's no stopping Manifold Garden.

What you will actually be doing in this minimal universe isn't quite as impressive, however. Puzzles largely revolve around transporting cubes to different terminals in order to unlock doors, but those pieces won't always be in the spots you expect. Gravity can be controlled with the touch of a button, allowing you to walk on walls and ceilings at will. The cubes themselves come in different colours and are also aligned to a certain surface and so the complexity comes from correctly manoeuvring each piece of the puzzle into place. A couple of twists on the concept give you something else to consider along the way, but for the most part, brain teasers remain the same for the four-hour adventure.

The star of the Manifold Garden show is far and away its presentation, and witnessing it in motion is worth the asking price alone. It's just a shame the puzzles themselves can't quite hit those same levels of spectacularity.