Just like the game's fateless protagonist, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Fatesworn exists against all odds. This is a brand new expansion to a game that first released ten years ago, from the same development team that brought us the remastered Re-Reckoning in 2020. It's an incredibly strange scenario, but hardcore Amalur fans certainly won't be complaining.

Like Amalur's previous expansions, Fatesworn whisks your hero (or antihero) away to an intruiging new region, complete with its own storyline, quests, and characters. It's an endgame DLC that's only accessible once you've beaten Re-Reckoning's main campaign, and it assumes that you've hit the level cap of 40. Indeed, Fatesworn can be quite tricky in the combat encounters that it throws at you, but thankfully, the difficulty hasn't been cranked up to the point of tedium.

Tedious is how we'd describe most of Fatesworn's side quests, however. Similar to the base game, optional excursions often boil down to basic fetch quests that offer little in the way of reward outside of experience points. There were already more than enough of these MMO-esque missions in the main release, so it's a bit of a shame that the new expansion doesn't at least attempt to do something slightly different.

It sounds like a lazy description, but Fatesworn really is just more of the same. And look, you can't blame the developers for the DLC's lack of ambition. Crafting a new expansion for a title fast approaching its decade anniversary doesn't allow for much wiggle room — deviate too far from the original blueprint and you run the risk of buggering things up beyond repair.

That said, we're not sure every Amalur fan will appreciate Fatesworn's central storyline. It's nothing crazy — Fate, meet Chaos! — but you could argue that the developer is a little sloppy in its handling of the game's established cast and lore. But for what it's worth, we do think Fatesworn is heartfelt — a genuine homage to a game that would have been undeservedly forgotten, had it not been for THQ and Kaiko's efforts.