King of Seas might have an uncomfortably similar name to Microsoft's Sea of Thieves, but the two are very different takes on nautical adventuring. This is a top-down, sea-faring sandbox in which you play as the child of the titular monarch, framed for his murder and forced into a life of piracy. The story isn't going to blow you away, but it provides a good enough framework to set you on your way.

Once you get through the slow start, you'll have your very own sloop — a small but nimble vessel — and can begin exploring the procedurally generated ocean. The game isn't the non-stop thrill ride you might expect of a pirate-themed RPG; sailing takes time, and you need to keep in mind the wind direction and weather conditions to optimise your path through the water. You'll also have to navigate hazards such as sea monsters and volcanoes, as well as the royal navy, who are out to get you.

If you do end up in hot water, you'll need to engage in lightly strategic combat. You can fire broadside cannons from the left or right, and will eventually find special abilities that let you spit fire, summon sea creatures, and more. Fights tend to devolve into circling the enemy and taking pot shots — it's not all that deep.

The RPG elements mean you'll nearly always be making some forward momentum. Finding treasure, sinking ships, and completing missions rewards you with XP, and you can upgrade and customise various parts of your boat to ensure your vessel is ship-shape. What's more, each town has its own side missions to tackle, and a market where you can trade goods in a shifting economy. These parts of the game are its strengths, but working through somewhat confusing menus and engaging in predictable battles take the wind out of its sails.