Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story is an isometric dungeon crawling action RPG that, as its title suggests, branches off from the janky but fun Way of the Samurai series. Playing as a wandering swordsman who helps a blacksmith settle his debt, you're tasked with exploring a ghostly realm that appears in the night, looting its treasures so that you have some dosh to hand over when the debt collectors come knocking.

The whole game is based on a calendar system, meaning that you have to use your time wisely and proceed through the randomised dungeons with caution. Get caught out by monsters and demons in the spirit realm and you'll lose the items that you've gathered as well as the time that you spent adventuring. What's more, dungeons become increasingly dangerous as you delve deeper and deeper, providing a tangible sense of risk versus reward. It's an addictive structure, especially since you never quite know what you'll find.

Combat is enjoyable too, if a little clunky. You level up your favourite weapons by using them in battle, unlocking new techniques and skills. It's quick and quite satisfying, but against larger groups of enemies, the screen's so busy that it can be difficult to keep up with the action. It also doesn't help that the lock-on mechanic is fiddly at best, resulting in some frustratingly cheap hits.

But by far the weakest part of Katana Kami is its user interface. Menus are rough to say the least. Even something as simple as switching weapons or organising your inventory can be a chore, often forcing you to click through several confirmation screens that aren't clearly signposted. It's just not good enough for a game that revolves around loot and item management.