Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate isn't a bad dungeon crawler, but it's so low budget and basic that it barely manages to stand out. Based on the light novel and anime series of the same name -- DanMachi for short -- fans of the original work are bound to get the most out of this adventure. The game follows the story of the aforementioned anime, but it's all told through mostly static character portraits and the odd illustration.

Again, 'basic' feels like the right word to use. The menus, the gameplay systems -- everything's just so bland and uninspired. There is fun to be had in romping through dungeons, levelling up and collecting loot so that you can upgrade your equipment, but the grind is real. Difficulty spikes scattered throughout the game ensure that you need to stay on top of strengthening your characters, but the flat, boring dungeon design and mindless quests do little to keep you truly invested.

What's more, the rote hack and slash combat only really hits its stride hours into the campaign, as you begin to unlock additional skills and off-screen party members who fly into battle with special attacks on your command. Infinite Combate does get better as you sink more time into it, but its low points will likely test your patience. In particular, quests with strict time limits can often feel unfair, and grinding out tasks purely to improve your relationship with different characters is a slog.