Hypnospace Outlaw gamifies the structure and horrific custom pages of GeoCities. If you've any nostalgia for this chapter in the Internet's history, you're likely already interested in this obscure title. You're free to explore Hypnospace as you see fit, but your job is actually to scour the virtual space for rule-breaking shenanigans. That might be misusing copyrighted imagery, harassing other users, or selling harmful software.

As an enforcer, you have access to a widening number of zones and pages, as well as a search function that lets you discover sites hidden from the main directory. The game mostly has you exploring Hypnospace, reading the ramblings of paranoid bloggers and listening to auto-playing music. You can find stuff to embellish your in-game desktop too; new backgrounds, helper bots, and virtual pets can be purchased with money earned from solving cases. It's all pretty amusing, but the novelty doesn't last long. We found ourselves focusing much more on the investigation side of things, which turns this surfing sandbox into an ongoing point-'n'-click mystery.

It's this aspect that'll keep you engaged. Some cases are much harder than others -- with dozens of pages with potential clues, it can all become a little confounding at times. However, when you figure it out, digging up the necessary dirt can be quite satisfying. The game's main issue is that it's just awkward to play on a DualShock 4. It's not unplayable by any means, but squeezing mouse and keyboard functionality onto a controller will always end up fiddly. There's absolutely fun to be had here, though, and those looking for something different should try it regardless.