The career of Ayrton Senna transcends sports. Inspirational and tragic in equal measure, the Brazilian racer’s legacy will forever be etched into the annals of F1 history. Horizon Chase Turbo, the PS1-esque polygonal racer from Aquiris, pays tribute to the São Paulo native in its upbeat Senna Forever expansion – and even contributes to the Ayrton Senna Institute, which helps develop domestic education programs in the South American country.

Bolted on as a brand new campaign, similar to the existing Summer Vibes add-on, Senna Forever spans several chapters which document the driver’s stratospheric rise to stardom. Gameplay is similar to the core release, where you must work your way to the front of increasingly challenging grids, collecting coins and managing your fuel along the way. A new wrinkle sees you selecting from three distinct mechanical set-ups, each of which excels in different conditions.

You’ll need to deal with rain and unique course layouts, some of which rely on long straights while others demand more accurate handling. You can race in first or third-person, both of which are enjoyable and work within the framework of the game’s existing art style. A separate Championship Mode sees you tackle a selection of tracks back-to-back, using a variety of different cars inspired by different real-world manufacturers.

Without any official licenses, the DLC captures the “feel” of F1, with recognisable sponsorship hoardings cleverly eschewing copyright headaches by not namedropping any brands specifically. All in all, it’s a nicely assembled add-on that both freshens up a very likeable game, but also pays homage to a sporting icon. At just £4.99/$5.99, you’d be mad not to make a pit stop on this.