Hidden Through Time is an ultra-simple game about finding objects and people in numerous busy scenes. If you've ever stared at the colourful pages of a Where's Waldo book, you'll feel right at home. The difference here is that you're not looking for just one specific character; each level gives you multiple things to find, and using a vague clue and your keen observation skills, it's down to you to find them all.

Though it is extremely straightforward, there's definitely something about this concept that gets its hooks in you. Whether you're scanning for skulls in caveman tribes or picking through pyramids in ancient Egypt, searching high and low for a wide variety of things certainly has an addictive quality. What you'll discover with this game, though, is that it's deceptively difficult. The adorable cartoonish visuals make the presentation nice and clean, but some of the clues aren't helpful at all, and some objects are almost impossible to find. Ticking items off the list is satisfying, but occasionally you'll hit a brick wall as you desperately search for an elusive object. There are no time limits, and you aren't required to find absolutely everything in order to progress, but prepare for some devilishly tricky hiding spots -- and for the looping music to slowly drive you insane.

The controls are at least very simple, meaning almost anyone can enjoy this game's simple pleasures. That being said, the map editor, in which you can construct your very own hidden object puzzles, is a little messy. It offers you a fair amount of flexibility, but it's not very intuitive to navigate. Still, it's a neat addition to an otherwise plain package. This is a hidden object puzzler that does exactly what it says on the tin, and you can't argue with that.