GRIS is beautiful. From the very moment the game begins to its emotional end, you could push that Share button at any time and have a frame-worthy screenshot. What makes this 2D platformer so striking and so captivating is its minimalistic visuals, using limited colours, hand-crafted animation, and breathtaking backdrops to great effect. Complementing the art is the music, a suitably melancholic soundtrack that suits the mysterious world you explore.

As good as it looks and sounds, beauty is only skin deep. The game is very straightforward; you'll run through each area, jumping across ruins and solving some nicely designed puzzles. You do unlock more abilities along the way, and there are things to find off the beaten path, but these aspects aren't really what the game is about. Simple as the gameplay might be, it tonally fits, and you're given precisely what you need to progress. Sometimes we felt it could do with more challenge or an extra layer, especially during prolonged stretches of nothing but running, but ultimately this is something to experience, not master. You're here for the sombre, wordlessly told story and some exquisite visuals.

Nomada Studio's picturesque adventure has made it to PlayStation 4 almost perfectly intact. The game shines at an unwavering 60 frames per second, and it looks superb on a standard console -- let alone PS4 Pro. We did notice some very occasional audio stuttering, however, which is a shame given the otherwise immaculate presentation. That aside, GRIS holds together as an attractive, if somewhat shallow, platformer that you'll want to hang on your wall.