Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a bad name for a pretty bad game. A combat racer that looks and feels like a title from generations gone by, it fails to really impress on any level. PlayStation 4 is a platform that's suffered a lack of arcade racing games, but this one can't hold a candle to the few decent examples available.

One of its biggest problems is presentation. It's visually poor across the board, and sound is arguably worse; egregious voice lines play out over bland music and lacklustre engine tones. Handling isn't too bad, however. Once you grow accustomed to the slightly odd control scheme, the fun begins to trickle through as you drive across each multi-path circuit. Unfortunately, too many other problems get in the way. Rubber-banding is off the charts, it's hard to see which pick-ups are which, and car-to-car combat with big weapons isn't as fun as it should be.

A career mode sees you unlock cooler vehicles, and it's neat that you can upgrade and customise them as you earn cash from the various race types. Outside of this mode, though, there's almost nothing to see. Quick Race is there, sure, but why is there no multiplayer whatsoever? You can't compete with your pals in this game at all, an unusual omission that severely limits the game's staying power. Gas Guzzlers feels old, and not in a good way. We've yet to touch on the crass humour or the lack of variety in environments, but rest assured that these don't help the game with its archaic image.