Where the fox have you been? This is indie developer BUG-Studio’s second crack at its foxy FoxyLand series, with the previous edition carefully marshalled onto the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita by the ever-industrious Ratalaika Games. A vibrant side-scrolling platformer, this version boasts over 40 levels and co-operative play – though the latter’s not much to write home about.

Where its predecessor was dangerously basic, FoxyLand 2 spices things up with a Super Mario World-esque hub world – including secret stages – and all-new mechanics. The cherries from the previous game return, only they can now be tossed at adversaries, making for effective (and delicious) projectiles. There are also multiple coins to collect per stage, augmenting some replay value.

The title’s as straightforward as side-scrollers come, but its chunky pixel art and biting chiptune soundtrack make it an entertaining distraction for an hour or two. The game’s priced accordingly and competently constructed, so while it’s never going to invoke the passion of a fox hunting debate, there are much worse wares on the PlayStation Store.