If you like your platformers 2D, no-nonsense, and tough as old boots, Flat Heroes is probably right up your alley. It strips away all the clutter and noise of the side-scroller and presents you with a gameplay gauntlet at its purest. This game tasks you with tackling hundreds of single-screen platforming challenges, and it does so with the most basic visual language. Even the player character is a simple square. There's no story or other distractions to be found; just beat each stage and move on.

Unlike most platformers, however, Flat Heroes is more about survival than reaching the exit. You're boxed into each level, which contain any number of platforms, hazards, and enemies, and you simply need to avoid being hit until the stage is over. The good news is that the difficulty curve is well balanced, and you're introduced to each new threat expertly. Through nothing but experience and the game's gorgeously minimalist presentation, you'll quickly learn how to evade everything chasing down your quadrilateral.

That being said, this game does get extremely tricky in the later worlds. Boss fights especially will put you through your paces, and it's these levels that will most likely cause frustration; if you die, you start the stage all over again. It's flawless runs or bust, making the game surprisingly tough at times. However, it feels sublime to play. The ultra-smooth movement and responsive controls make for a deliciously slick gameplay experience. You've plenty of ways to enjoy it as well, with several modes for up to four local players, including competitive variants that are decent fun with friends. Precision platforming isn't for everyone, but it's executed very well with Flat Heroes. If you've ever enjoyed the likes of Super Meat Boy or N++, it's worth giving this stylish action title a try.