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If you’ve got a poker face like Lady GaGa, then Fibbage is for you. This is an intriguing bluffing game for two to eight players, which takes an interesting twist on the typical quiz genre, prompting you to enter ridiculous, silly, or downright rude pieces of trivia, with the aim being to convince your pals that they’re true.

Each game lasts around 15 minutes, with three rounds taking approximately five minutes apiece. These quick fire forays consist of a mix of questions with categories to choose from, including anything from ol’ Billy Shakespeare through to football and television. As mentioned, the aim is to deceive, so with a few friends or family members with good imaginations, it can be fun.

What’s interesting about this game is that it’s played using mobile devices. Ditching the DualShock 4, you actually have to head to, where you’ll enter a name and room code for the current game that’s in session. This means that your console acts as a kind of host for the action, and it also means that your increasingly daft answers are kept secret.

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All of this, as you’d expect, means that it’s ideal for special occasions – similar to that of Monopoly at Christmas – and the short play sessions really enhance that, but it also means that its use is limited. We found ourselves tiring of the format after an hour, and while we could see ourselves pulling it out again, the structure makes it more of a novelty than anything with real longevity.

It also doesn’t help that the presentation’s pretty poor. There’s not a single image in the entire game apart from the start screen – it’s mostly all text. And to make matters worse, the audio’s equally disappointing, with no real memorable melodies, sound effects, or music to hook you in. It’s as barebones as you can possibly get, and you could, in theory, obtain a comparable experience from a paper-based version.


Fibbage is a fun idea, and can be a blast if you play with the right people, but you’re not going to be coming back to it very often. With a little more variety and presentational pizzazz, this could have provided some compelling casual entertainment, but as it is, it’s a fun novelty that’s been poorly executed upon. And, honest to goodness, we’re not lying about that.