The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a PlayStation VR puzzle game in which you swivel a handful of dioramas around in search of hidden animals. There's not much more to it than that, but it gets away with such a simple idea by presenting it wonderfully. It's an absolute walk in the park, but there's still a satisfaction to solving each level's miniature puzzles.

Playing with a DualShock or PS Move controllers, you can grab the level and move it around, pick up certain objects, and interact with various other elements. You'll be rustling bushes, heating up kettles on candle flames, melting snow with a hair dryer, and much more. It's as simple a game to play as they come in VR, making it ideal for first-timers or younger players. The presentation is certainly family friendly; this is a colourful title packed with cute animations and storybook-style narration. Each of the varied stages is thoughtfully designed and full of sweet little touches. The story weighs ever-so-slightly heavier, but it breezes by so quickly you won't have much time to worry about it.

Stolen Pets is a very short game, so to say much more about it would be to spoil things. There's not too much replayability either, beyond finding each location's hidden coins, but these are pretty easy to spot. That it's over so quickly would be a problem if it wasn't so darn adorable. Joyous, imaginative, and full of personality, this is sure to bring a smile to all who play it.