The Copper Canyon Shootout's name evokes a specific image. What kind of game might it be? Some sort of Western, maybe a cowboy shooter is probably your first thought. If you pictured that, you’d be partially correct. Does it make you think of robots? Probably not, but as it turns out, all of your enemies are made of metal.

While not a traditional rails shooter – you can move around, using PS Move teleportation – The Copper Canyon Shootout certainly feels at least tangential to them. Across three locales, you’ll be ceaselessly pulling the trigger as you try to aim for the head or the torso of hundreds upon hundreds of robots. The shooting is fun, frantic, and makes for a great two-hour time sink. Not to mention the precision and responsiveness of aiming with Moves is far better than we’ve come to expect even from some of the bigger titles.

The downside is you’ll probably never have an interest in revisiting the title after that initial foray. The homogeneity starts to wear you down as you get to that last level. No new guns or enemies are introduced. The only changes as you advance are that the robots get bulkier and the boss – the same one for each level – has a few extra stages.