Simulation games are a bit of a sore point on the PlayStation 4 at the minute, given the overwhelmingly negative reaction to May 2020’s free PS Plus games. Nevertheless, the genre has become a strong source of entertainment for workaholics, with Sony’s system playing host to dozens of virtual careers, including farming and firefighting.

Construction Simulator 3 subscribes to the same style of gameplay as its peers, with obsessive attention to minor details and a gameplay loop that relies on actual busywork rather than escapism. As the name implies, you’ll find yourself assembling an expanding selection of construction equipment, with your tasks ranging from assembly to roadworks.

While the title does streamline some tasks, its controls are still counter-intuitive on the DualShock 4, adopting a rub-your-head-pat-your-belly approach that’s almost impossible to adapt to. There are lots of jobs to complete and different cities to unlock, but the visuals are tired – like an upscaled PlayStation 2 release – and the overall loop isn’t as addictive as its immediate peers.