Cloudpunk is the name of a legally ambiguous delivery company that operates in the future city of Nivalis, delivering whatever — or whomever — the job requires and asking zero questions. They're a bit like Yodel, only they've got flying cars and they actually deliver your packages. Anyway, you play the role of Rania, a newcomer to the company who is trying to make a bit of coin to pay off her substantial debts, who unwittingly finds herself embroiled in a plot, and a conspiracy, and all the usual stuff.

The overarching narrative here is only intermittently engrossing, and by the time it all wraps up you'll likely be left wondering what it was all about. The tangential tales told while making deliveries fare better, as you're introduced to a selection of Nivalis' citizens with an array of problems, and some of their stories can pan out differently depending on choices you make.

Gameplay-wise, as an employee of Cloudpunk you're expected to deliver packages around Nivalis, sometimes within a time limit. You'll do this by piloting your HOVA — a flying car that you can customise — around the city, keeping an eye on both how much gas you've got left and whether your vehicle needs any repairs. It's simple and straight-forward, and it amuses just enough to keep Cloudpunk from dragging during it's nigh 10-hour running time.

There's a bunch of minor technical problems, and a recurring annoyance in which you're often given your next location at the end of a conversation, meaning you've got to just sit there hovering waiting for them to tell you where to go rather than telling you first and then talking on the way. But at least you've got sweet tunes to listen to as you drive in the form of Cloudpunk's stellar synth soundtrack.