A follow-up to 2017's simple but very effective Cat Quest, the appropriately named Cat Quest II is bigger and better. The first game's simplicity remains intact, making for another approachable action role-playing title that's fun for all ages. Journeying across the game's colourful map, picking up quests, whacking monsters, and exploring dangerous caves and ruins is what you'll be doing for roughly ten hours, and like a share-sized bag of Doritos, it's an incredibly moreish experience.

The real headline, though, is that Cat Quest II lets you play through the entire adventure with a friend in local co-op. The game features two playable characters -- a plucky cat and a determined dog -- who you can swap between when you're playing alone. In co-op, you pick one or the other, and it feels like this is how the title's meant to be enjoyed. Teaming up with a pal lets you coordinate magic attacks and batter enemies from behind.

With a charming story at its core, surprisingly satisfying combat, and loads of neat secrets to find scattered across the map, it's easy to get hooked on Cat Quest II. It's a great little RPG that never outstays its welcome, offering bite-sized but addictive adventuring.