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Ancient Amuletor is a tower defence, virtual reality title in which you are tasked with protecting a bunch of crystals from an onslaught of enemies. You play from the perspective of a hero, with the ability to teleport from pillar to pillar, overlooking the various crystals that require defending.

The game is level-based with each stage containing five waves for you to survive. There are two locations in the game: Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt with two levels in each. That’s, er, a whopping four levels altogether.

The baffling thing here is that more locations, more levels, and more heroes are all blocked off by a message that says they're all coming soon. Bizarre.

The game can be played either entirely alone or co-operatively online – assuming you can find anyone in the barren community for the game, which we had no luck in doing so. The difficulty on the whole is quite easy only really increasing the amount of enemies you'll encounter, as the AI is simply programmed to walk to each crystal and attack it. An almost overwhelming amount of foes get thrown at you in the final level so much so that it feels like it was more designed for multiple players than a solo mission.

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Arguably the best part of Ancient Amuletor is the ability to choose from a selection of four hero classes: Archer, Gunner, Mage, or Puppeteer, each with its own unique playstyle. Each hero’s mechanics are fully fledged and well-designed; utilising the PlayStation Move motion controllers to interact with the various weapons is a very satisfying experience in virtual reality.

For example, as the Archer you are able to load, draw, and fire the bow with a surprisingly good amount of accuracy. As the Gunner you are equipped with two pistols which can be cocked to reload by flicking each motion controller upwards; it may sound simple but the satisfaction of doing it yourself, with the accompanying sounds feels great. As the Mage, in your left hand is a book which can summon a spell that can be grabbed by your right hand and thrown at enemies. Finally, as the Puppeteer you can throw out a puppet that is equipped with a sword and a hammer, that will copy your every movement allowing you to defeat foes in close combat. You are given total free reign of the variety of classes so you can swap between them at your own leisure.


Although Ancient Amuletor has all the core mechanics and functionality of an excellent PlayStation VR title, the pure lack of content will leave you yearning for all of the extras that are currently locked out. Factor in the barren online multiplayer community, and this title really squanders its very real potential.