In all honesty, we could write this review with just a few words: Do you like Take That? Do you like karaoke? If yes then buy, buy, buy.

See, we told you. But we're "professionals" so we best drag this out over a few paragraphs at least. SingStar: Take That sees Britain's favourite pop-group go the way of Queen and Abba with their own SingStar compilation.

Obviously, SingStar would be nothing without songs, and a list of Take That's greatest hits makes for perfect karaoke reading. Babe, Back For Good, Do What You Like, Relight My Fire and even the recently amazing Rule The World all make an appearance. It's a fitting tribute to the lasting effects of Take That, who re-emerged from the pits of "has-been" to super-stardom all over again in the last few years.

With the SingStar format completely in tact, SingStar: Take That does absolutely nothing to push the franchise forward. But if you're a massive SingStar fan just itching for another injection of content from one of the UK's favourite pop acts, then look no further.

SingStar: Take That is reasonably priced, well put together, and packed with excellent karaoke music.


Track List:

A Million Love Songs


Back For Good

Beautiful World

Could It Be Magic

Do What U Like

Everything Changes

Greatest Day

Hold Up A Light

I’d Wait For Life

It Only Takes A Minute

Love Ain’t Here Anymore

Never Forget

Once You’ve Tasted Love




Reach Out

Relight My Fire

Rule The World

Said It All



Up All Night

Why Can’t I Wake Up With You