title to hit the Playstation 3, Quiz World focuses on improving the familiar Buzz! gameplay by adding much more variety and upping the sense of big game show occasion.

The game requires the Buzz! Buzzers to play, and can be enjoyed by up to four players locally. Online options allow you to once again create your own quizzes and play Sofa vs. Sofa online.

Let's face it, Buzz!: Quiz TV was a great quiz game, it just lacked the variety to take it further. Buzz!: Quiz World is essentially Buzz!: Quiz TV but with much greater depth and a larger breadth of content. There's a ton of new questions (literally, a ton), lots of new speech recording from Buzz! himself, but, most importantly, there are more rounds to participate in. Be it Pass The Bomb (where you switch the holder of the bomb with correct answers) or the Pie Toss round (where the quickest answers allow you to strategically pie your opponents), Buzz!: Quiz World has a range of content that make it refreshing over multiple playthroughs.

With Buzz!: Quiz World, Relentless have really upped the presentation stakes. The game still looks great, but the use of the camera and overall presentation make it feel even more like a ridiculous gameshow than ever before.

There are over 5,000 new questions in Buzz!: Quiz World, so you'll have to play the game a lot before you start seeing them repeat. They are also interestingly set out with tons of categories that are accessible to literally anyone playing.

Even if your opponents are real brain-boxes, Buzz!: Quiz World does a great job of balancing the gameplay so that anyone can win right up until the last round.

Without even the ability to play against AI controlled opponents, Buzz!: Quiz World is essentially pointless in single-player. There are some challenges to complete alone, but these are few and far between. This is a very multiplayer focused game, which isn't a bad thing, it just would have been neat if there was a little something for the single player.

Despite having a ton of questions and a few new rounds, Buzz!: Quiz World still doesn't have the variety it needs to truly last the distance. Online multiplayer helps, but it's unlikely you'll be playing this game every weekend for long.


Buzz!: Quiz World increases the variety and ups the big game show feel to make itself the best quiz game on the Playstation 3.