is a popular Playstation quiz franchise, providing a satirical look at gameshow culture. The PS3 version of Buzz!: Brain Of The UK plays host to 1,000’s of new questions, alongside the return of online multiplayer and the ability to create and distribute your own quizzes online.

Just like Buzz! Quiz TV, Buzz! Brain Of The UK has gorgeous presentation. A few tweaks have been made to ensure the game feels more "British". The opening menu shows quizmaster Buzz now sitting in an apartment overlooking London. Likewise you'll notice the Buzz! studio has been kitted out with national flags. Also, whilst hosting, Buzz tries to hilariously mimic some regional British accents to humorous effect. Other than that though, Brain Of The UK does little to differentiate itself from its PS3 counterpart.

Presumably the main reason for buying Buzz!: Brain Of The UK are for the new questions. Of which there are literally thousands. Some of the questions do have a British theme to them, but this is not as obvious as it could have been. Still, at £17.99 this is almost like a fancy DLC pack.

The Buzz! series has always been extremely fun and Brain Of The UK is no exception. The online multiplayer is well implemented, the ability to play user-generated quizzes is welcome and the range of quips from master-host Buzz are constantly refreshing. If this is your first Buzz! game you will be positively delighted.

The only real outstanding problem with Buzz!: Brain Of The UK is that it's virtually exactly the same as Buzz!: Quiz TV. However, Brain Of The UK is available for an extremely generous price, so if you've already exhausted all the questions from Buzz!: Quiz TV, then you'll certainly get some enjoyment from Brain Of The UK. We can't help but think that a premium DLC package for Quiz TV would have fared better, mind.


Buzz!: Brain Of The UK stands alone as a re-skinned version of last years Buzz!: Quiz TV. Newcomers will appreciate the excellent presentation but series veterans will lament the opportunity to try something new. Despite its inability to change though, those that have exhausted the question list from Quiz TV will find value in Brain Of The UK's low price.