How do you mute PS5's microphone? You may not know this but the DualSense, the PS5's controller, comes with a microphone included as part of the pad. This means that, if you're playing a multiplayer game like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you may find that others can hear you without you realising it. As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to explain how to mute PS5's microphone.

How to Mute PS5's Microphone

How to Mute PS5's Microphone Guide 1

The easiest way to mute your PS5's microphone is by pushing the grey button beneath the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller itself. You'll know your microphone is muted because the button will turn orange and a crossed-out microphone symbol will appear on your screen.

How to Mute PS5's Microphone Guide 2

An alternative way to mute the PS5's microphone is to tap the PlayStation button to bring up the Control Centre, and then scroll to Mic > Mute and enable the toggle. You can also Adjust Mic Level and toggle the microphone source here, which can be useful if you have a headset connected.

Have you muted PS5's microphone yet? You don't want to say something embarrassing in a game lobby, after all. Check out our PS5 guide for more information.