After a long, public development cycle – influenced by several closed beta tests – Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail developer HoYoverse will launch its latest title Zenless Zone Zero this week, on 4th July. And those looking to dive in to the urban fantasy RPG on day one will be rewarded with a whopping 100 free pulls.

Pulls, or draws, are used by the gacha system to unlock new characters and weapons. The rewards will be spread out across story progression, in-game events, and login bonuses, so you’ll need to make some progress to get them all. However, those of you who put the hours in will get 1,600 Polychromes, 70 Master Tapes, and 20 Encrypted Master Tapes. There’ll also be 80 Boopons to collect, which can be used to unlock supporting pet-like characters.

The game has expanded dramatically beyond its beta for this launch version, with new plot and expanded districts. Two new agents from the faction Sons of Calydon will debut, while the slice of life aspect has also been enhanced. You’ll be able to invite characters to hang out with you in New Eridu City, where you’ll be able to grab a coffee or some ramen.

The press release reveals: “In the global release version, players will not only be able to stroll through Sixth Street, but also freely explore a broader urban district: Lumina Square. Strolling around the city, players might find Bangboo who need help, Cargo Trucks hidden throughout the city with various rewards, and many more surprises.

“Additionally, Scott Outpost, which overlooks the massive Hollow Zero, serves as another operational base for explorers who wish to challenge themselves and defeat terrifying enemies in Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense. To expand its services, Random Play has also opened a second floor where players can relax, play music, or customise their photo walls.”

We’ll have a lot more on Zenless Zone Zero throughout July, so stay tuned to the site for our full review and more. In the meantime, are you planning to download the free-to-play gacha and earn all these rewards? Let us know in the comments section below.

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